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The Awkward Hug.com

Where its ok to "Hug and Tell"

Designated Hugger

Gary Gaetti

Probably one of the most legitimately awkward hugs ever. Gary Gaetti is a baseball legend (Twins Hall of Famer) and currently the manager of the Sugarland Skeeters. He was such a nice guy to come over and take a picture with me but he had no clue what he was getting into…


Double Team

Moe and Swatson

I was recently the recipent of an awkward hug coming from the two Sugarland Skeeters Maskots. The one in the black is evil. Pure evil. Trust me.


Larry the Veggie Guy


So, I met Larry the Cucumber…and I hugged him. He’s a lot bigger in person than he looks on tv.


The gambler.

Kenny Rodgers (from Word Records)

He might not know when to fold em but he’s a great radio rep and its always great to have him in town. Each label has a department that helps connect their artists with radio stations around the nation and Kenny was in town with Dara Maclean for her Brownbag Concert here and he stood still long enough for me to give him a hug…awkwardly of course.


You gotta seay this!

Robbie Seay

What can I say about this guy and his music? Honestly, it’s impacted my life in a pretty big way. I keep his records in my car and whenever I’m in a bad mood and I need to refocus, his music delivers. Before I just start gushing, lets move on. Robbie played the MS150 concert this year and afterward we were talking and he actually had his own awkward hug situation with Luke Wilson. Needless to say I was intrigued. So he met Luke out in public once and wanted to snap a quick picture but when he put his arm around him, Luke gave him a funny look and wouldn’t let him! So they ended up with this funny “standing side by side” picture, hopefully he’ll share the pic and i’ll post it here. haha.


Ready or not…

Britt Nicole

So Britt came by the studio and I couldn’t help but give her a surprize hug in the hallway! She’s probably one of the sweetest people in the world and it’s always great to have her in town. Check out her new record Gold featuring her hit song “All This Time”. I actually started working on a cover version of that song singing it like i was John Cooper from Skillet…I’ll let you know if I ever finish it. Don’t hold your breath.


Going back…

Josh from The Afters

Josh and I have some history. As you can tell from the photo, we’re like brothers…i guess in that analogy I’m the stinky brother…that no one wants to get close too. But seriously, Josh was the first artist I really hung out with when I got into radio and his genuine kindness is something I won’t forget…that and sneaking into an Elvis Costello concert in Nashville, good times.


I’ll be your Hero.

John Cooper from Skillet

The headliner (with the best guy-liner) of Winter Jam last weekend was Skillet and John was extra excited to get a hug from yours truly. If you didn’t know, John’s voice is 24/7 ultra-rasp-tastic, even in backstage conversation…its kinda like his vocal cords have a five o’clock shadow. Anywho, Winter Jam was fun and I’m pretty sure there’s a smokey haze from all the explosions during Skillet’s set still floating over the Toyota Center to this day.


He’s a magic man.

Brock Gill

Last weekend my Winter was officially Jammed and before the show started I had a chance to meet Brock Gill. For those who don’t know, he’s an illusionist that was on the tour and he performed some hilarious and pretty amazing…(tricks seems like the wrong word here) well…he did some cool stuff and I really dig this guy. I’m sure you can buy a dvd and check out his work. On top of being a great performer, he’s honestly a easy guy to talk to and clearly has a great sense of humor. This is one of my new fav’s for sure, he’s so magical he can be in two places at once…but the second place was in the way of my patented “foot pop” oops.


Carpe Chicken.

Dan Cathy President and COO of Chick-fil-A

I recently had the opportunity to attend a special Chick-fil-A Press Conference at which Dan Cathy was the main speaker. I could have played it cool and said it was good enough to shake his hand…but I couldn’t waste such an awesome opportunity. (I didn’t create the Awkward Hug for nothing) I was really surprised to see him play along so well, he’s a pretty fun guy and I love his chicken. (Photo credit: Tim McDermott.)